Cycling Season Is NOT Over!

It’s true! Biking season is not over. Just because there’s snow on our trails and snow predicted to hit us for the next few days (thank ullr) doesn’t mean you have to stop riding a bicycle. Here at Basalt Bike & Ski we have more than one option to keep you riding outside while it’s wet and cold and/or the right tools to keep you indoors and spinning on your bike. We have fat bikes from both Giant and Specialized to meet all your size, shred-ability, and price point needs.

This year Momentum and Giant Bicycles came together to create a mission: “To help you move through your life with happiness and ease. Backed by the innovation and manufacturing expertise of Giant Bicycles, Momentum offers the highest quality bicycles and gear aimed at lifestyle mobility solutions.” These two great companies came out with the Rocker: a budget-friendly fat bike commuter. Why drive down the street for groceries or commute in a car when you can power around in the snow on the Rocker instead?!?

Specialized this year has a lot of new exciting gear for all your winter needs. They have fat bikes starting at $1,000 with 20″ wheels! That’s right, 20″ fatbike wheels! This amazing company has fat tire bikes for the whole family! Little Johnny and Suzie can join mom and dad on the snowy trails. All of us here are super excited to get you and your whole family out there! We have Specialized Fatboys in stock ranging from $1,000 up to $7,500. Along with the bikes, we have the Specialized Defroster Trail Shoe. A shoe designed to keep you riding in the winter’s cold and winter conditions; a grrrreat addition, necessity really, to go along with your brand new fat tire bike.

If you need layering pieces to go with your winter cycling addiction we’ve got all that too! From gloves to base layers to top layers we have all your winter needs covered. Make your way down here to check out all that we have to offer. Remember that just because it’s snowing, it doesn’t mean you have to stop riding!






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